Identify Unknown Callers

It grabs caller's number right away when you receive or make a call, and searches it in different connected databases, simultaneously, you get to see results while in call, or even by swiping in a missed call number to identify it right away from Phone App!

Various Search Engines

PhoneCaller3 currently supports 5+ Search Engines, which are popular caller identifier applications on the AppStore, bringing all of them in one place, they work all together, to make each search query that you make, as POWERFUL.
You can easily change and define search settings and define how all of these engines should work together, should they search simultaneously? only two together? cache results? engines priority ?

System-wide Integrations

PhoneCaller3 supports and integrates with various popular communication apps, that you can identify numbers just by swiping on chats, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Stocks Messages App, Telegram, CallBar tweak, Scorpion tweak.

Works Offline

PhoneCaller automatically caches previous search results, making it easy and reliable to work again without needing to access internet, only grabbing data from history, right away!

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